Interview With Dawn Woodkill Of Murder Weapons 2018

The sound of Murder Weapons has been described as Shock Rock
Horror Industrial, and the Industrial Motley Crue. Samples from actual
serial killer trials, horror flicks and other intriguing auditory terrors are
amply delivered by this quartet, punctuating the tracks with bloody
theatrics. Live shows feature a “splash zone” of blood, glitter and
various body parts. Audiences have become accustomed to this
delightful debauchery, featuring gory visuals, murder weapons and
blood splattered cage dancers.


Murder Weapons was born in 2012 with founder and bassist Jesse
Razorr writing music based on a fascination with serial killers, horror
and the finer things in life. His longtime collaborator Dawn Woodkill
hails from the top 40 scene, bringing her power vocals to the party. In
2016, Billy Mace graced their presence with his hard-hitting drumming,
and in 2017, Shon Shiv finalized the lineup with his guitar assaults. Their
first music video for the track HIVE was released in January 2018 to
rave reviews.




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